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Roofing Expertise

Avalon Building Concepts Translates Roofing Expertise To Beautiful Middleville Roof

Avalon Building Concepts strives to translate our roofing expertise on the best quality products, craftsmanship, and service that will last homes for years.…
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GAF Historic Home

GAF Historic Home Roof Captured Beautifully

GAF Historic Home Roof Captured Beautifully Historic homes have lots of outstanding character, which is challenging to duplicate or replace. Avalon Building Concepts…
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GAF Roofing Installation In Grandville

  We are currently in Grandville completing a GAF Roofing installation, concentrating at tearing off all the old tattered asphalt shingles. We pay close attention…
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Roofing System Transformation

Roofing System Transformation For Delton Homeowner

Roofing System Transformation Makes Delton Homeowner Feel Confident We love to roof and truly enjoy sharing our knowledge with our valued customers about…
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Does Your Home Need Some Loving GAF Home TLC?

Does your home need some loving GAF Home TLC? Do you think you lead to busy of a lifestyle to complete a home…
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Home Improvement

What’s Your Biggest Concern When Hiring A Home Improvement Contractor?

What's your biggest concern when hiring a home improvement contractor? For our valued customers, Harold & Cindy in Delton, it was what may…
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Tips To Prepare For Winter Ice Storm

Grand Rapids (MI)--- Who would have thought that April would bring a winter ice storm? With freezing rain, comes downed power lines and…
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Roofing Expert

Roofing Expert eightWest Appearance

GRAND RAPIDS, MI- - WOOD TV 8 and the viewers of eightWest now turn to Avalon Building Concepts for all of their roofing expertise.…
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Don’t Move – Home Improve

Contemplating a move due to the way your home looks? Avalon Building Concepts recently installed CertainTeed D4 siding in slate, white soffit and fascia, autumn…
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Shopping for the Best Contractor For Your Home Improvement Project

Shopping around for the best contractor for your project can we challenging. While we aim to be the home improvement contractor Michigan homeowners…
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