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Ply Gem Premium Slider

Grand Rapids Homeowner Ply Gem Premium Slider Lets The Breeze Blow

"The best thing about Avalon is not that my new (Ply Gem Premium slider) slider looks great, but the fact it lets so…
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dome home

Avalon Building Concepts Tackles Roofing On A Dome Home

We tackle big, small, and a little bit of it all here at Avalon Building Concepts - that includes this gorgeous DOME home.…
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Home Improvement Contractor

Find A Home Improvement Contractor That Can Do It All

We understand West Michigan homeowners have a lot of home improvement contractor options when it comes to who they put their trust in,…
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Grand Rapids Homeowner Wowed With Complete Windows

Quality home improvement contractors personalize the completion of each project to include the homeowner in the process. While different companies will take a…
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