The Importance Of Quality Insulation In The Home

Quality InsulationFall and winter weather definitely call for a warm, cozy, and welcoming home. As colder weather emerges most homeowners bundle up before going outside, turn up the thermostat, and tend to spend more time indoors than out. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, heating and cooling account for 48% of an average home’s total energy usage, making it the largest expense for more homes. Poor insulation can cause major air leakage, making your home less comfortable and unnecessarily throwing money out the window every month. Add poorly sealed windows and doors on top of that, and you literally are letting that heat (and money) escape through them. While it may not seem like an exciting project, quality insulation and properly sealed windows and doors in a home are a key investment that will provide significant benefits for the home in the long run. Let’s take a look at those benefits and why you should consider quality insulation for your home.


Quality Insulation

                 How much heat escapes your home?

As mentioned above, installing quality insulation should be viewed as an investment. While there is an upfront cost to the insulation, the money it will save you on utility bills over time can help this project pay for itself and save you money in the long run. Heat naturally flows from warmer areas to cooler areas until it matches the coldest place in your home. Insulation helps slow this movement of airflow through wall, ceilings, roofs, and other surfaces of the home. Think of it as a protective barrier between you and the outside elements. By keeping more of the heat inside your home, decreases the number of times the heat has to kick on. This allows you to scale back on your use of the furnace and air conditioner for summer months. The EPA estimates that homeowners can save an average of 15% on heating and cooling costs.


Raising the value of their home does not always have to be seen to be felt. Most think of this value in a visual way ie. landscaping, painting, renovating a bathroom. While that is one way, nothing says “Welcome Home” like a warm, cozy place to rest your feet. A sense of warmth is not the only way quality insulation can be felt to enhance the value of your home, but also in your pocketbook. Home values rise at an average of $20 for every $1 reduction in annual utility bills. So yes, while the initial cost savings may be $1 to you now, when it comes time to sell your home the amount of money you put into a quality insulation job will pay you back tenfold. Even if you are not selling at this moment, increasing the value of your home is never a bad thing.

Quality InsulationADDED COMFORT

Have a room that is always too cold or too warm? Waking up in the morning is when this is the most apparent. During the winter months your room is freezing cold. You know the moment you get out of bed the floors will be cold. You know you’ll have to bust out the arctic gear in order to walk into the kitchen and make breakfast. Sounds like a less than ideal way to greet the day. Quality insulation can fix that problem. The challenge to overcome those cold mornings is to prevent air flow to different rooms and make home temperatures more consistent. Preventing air flow comes down to proper “R-values” of insulation that your type of home requires. R-value is an insulators thermal resistance (resistance to heat flow) and determined by the thickness, type of material, and density of the material. Quality insulation with a high R-value is recommended to properly insulate a Michigan home. Quality insulation can add to your overall comfort and create a healthier living space. You work hard to pay that mortgage so make your space as comfortable and relaxing as possible to live in.


A home with quality insulation creates a smaller carbon footprint. As consumption is directly related to your carbon footprint (the amount of carbon dioxide and other carbon compounds emitted due to the consumption of fossil fuels by a particular person, group, etc.) each time your furnace or air conditioner does not need to kick on, means less energy is being expended.


Quality InsulationQuality insulation and properly sealed windows not only create comfort for all seasons, but carry rebates to support your upgrades. With up to $400 for insulation and $15 per window you can can earn a lot back on your upgrades. Finding out how much upgraded insulation and windows can save is easy by using the Consumers Energy rebate calculator. While DTE Energy does not provide a calculator, they offer similar rebates as well if they are your provider. You may additionally be able to claim a federal tax credit for quality insulation.


Lower temperatures are proven to suppress our immune systems. We don’t head outside in shorts and a t-shirt in the middle of winter do we? We bundle up. Living in a cold environment increases your risk of getting sick and if it is consistently cold where you live… well you get the idea. Quality insulation can additionally help in protecting against moisture penetration to your home. This aids in deterring mold, odor, and rot, which can be very dangerous to your health and damaging to your home.

You may be asking yourself:


Hands down – your attic. As hot air rises, pumping heat through your home during the winter, a lot of air is able to escape through your roof via the attic without quality insulation. On the flip side during summer months, heat is able to seep into your home through the roof and attic without it. Interested to know how your home performs during an energy analysis? Contact Avalon today! Our team skillfully installs only the highest quality insulation materials to give you the greatest possible benefit from your insulation upgrade.

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