Extra Benefits of Working With Avalon: When a project exceeds expectations

3557 Lincoln Rd Window Photo 2, PlyGem Pro Series White-White Sound PackSometimes home improvements do a little more than advertised.  Daniel in Hamilton can attest to that.

Daniel’s family lives along a busy road.  It means they could hear traffic when they sat in their living room and watched television.  Especially when semi trucks drove by their house.

However, that wasn’t why they called Avalon.  Daniel said when they first moved in, the chairs in their living room felt cold.  So they hired us to provide insulation.

It worked, their furniture stop feeling cold and his family noticed another benefit.

“Sitting in the living room there is a big difference with the noise,” Daniel told Avalon.

Later, the family needed to replace their front window.  They had already mentioned the noise problem with our salesman Jonathan Kroll.  So he recommended a window that actually helps keep their home quieter.

Daniel and his family love the new window and it’s the only one in the living room that is not wrapped in plastic.

“(The contactor) Mike told me I wouldn’t need to wrap this window when he put it on,” Daniel said.  “I didn’t believe him, but he was right.”

Thanks to Avalon, Daniel’s family can now lower the volume on the TV in their living room and save some money on their heating bills.

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