The Dangers Of Putting Off Roof Repairs

Damages to your roof can lead to a much bigger problem if they are neglected for too long. Many homeowners put off roof repairs because they think they are saving money, time, effort, or something else. The problem is they are only considering the short term when making this decision, and not properly considering the effects it may play to your home’s structure. As homeowners do not look at their roofs every day, it is easy for you to ignore or forget about the problem. Avalon lists common roof problems and what happens if roof repairs are neglected.


The first adverse effect of neglecting roof repairs is that your roof will most likely begin to leak, and once it starts it can only get worse.  While many factors can contribute to leaks or moisture getting through your roof, the age of your roof is important to consider. Most quality asphalt shingle roofs can last 20 to 25 years. Once they reach that age, they begin to weather and can suffer from leaks. Wind, hail, sow, ice, and other debris can cause cracks or sags to your roof that may also lead to leaks or moisture retention in the roofing materials. Small blemishes, such as missing shingles, in your roof that are noticed but ignored can lead to a leaking roof. Leaks do not plug themselves; they expand and allow more water through. Water damage will continue to grow. This damage can cause the woodwork to become weak and sag from the additional weight. Complete destruction of the insulation in those areas and mold to grow. Drywall in your home to bubble and rot turning a disgusting color. Chances are your family will develop headaches and/or illness from breathing in mold all day. Mold is a problem that can be extremely expensive to take care of once it has set in, so don’t let it. Once your roof has sprung a leak it is best to call a professional to access the damage and provide the best solution for roof repairs.

roof repairsPUNCTURES 

Storms are known to wreak havoc on homes. Wind, hail. and other debris can cause punctures to your roof. While these punctures may not run deep enough to allow water in at first, over a period of time they will become bigger. They sag and create depressions in your roof. Neglecting these problems can cause issues with the sealant on the roof. This allows water to pool and leak into your home. More than one larger puncture left over the course of Michigan winter which has allowed your roof to become soft coupled with the weight of snow sitting on your roof could make it collapse. Now that may be a bit extreme, but the danger is very real with neglecting roof repairs. Ex: Vikings Stadium. A roof that holds excess water within its layers, or that has deteriorated to the point of heavy leaking, is simply not as structurally sound as originally designed and puts everyone in danger.


roof repairsOver time, the roof membrane underneath the shingles can start to shrink. This will pull at the shingles, regardless of how well they were installed, causing them to move and crack. Gaps in your roofing material will form, which can cause leaking. If you see curled or buckled shingles it is a warning sign for rook shrinkage.


The same holes that let water leak through also let your cold air out in the summer and hot air out in the winter. By allowing holes to exist in your roofs surface without making roof repairs you are paying more on your electric bill every single month. Let this continue the holes expand and more energy escapes. Don’t waste money pumping air into your home with holes in its roof.


A hole is a opening and an invitation for pests to enter your home. If the damage to your roofing system is bad enough, you could see large inspects, rodents, and other small animals enter your home through your roof. Depending on what kind of access they can get, you could quickly have a whole family of pests living rent free. While some may think raccoons are as cute as the family cat, they can carry some pretty nasty diseases with them. Animal infestation is another cost you can concur provided you neglect roof repairs.


Finally, and possible most important, neglecting your roof repairs to more significant costs down the road. Each and every day you don’t make the roof repairs that you know you should, the cost to make them at a later date goes up. It’s like paying interest on a loan, the longer you wait, the more it is. It’s not due to inflation, but because of the damage done over time.

One thing is guaranteed when it comes to roof repairs:


They don’t go away, they don’t fix themselves, and they will become worse. This is why it is extremely important to perform roof maintenance and perform an inspection. Avalon’s recommendation is twice is year. If you have seen signs of damage that needs to be repaired call Avalon Building Concepts for a complete understanding of what is happening to your roof and how we make roof repairs efficiently and cost effectively.

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