We are very proud of the service we provide for our customers. In fact, we see a client relationship drastically more personal than that of most companies in our field. Our client relationships do not start at 8AM and end at 5PM—they stay with us to continually receive the quality service they deserve.

What our customers are saying

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I had many, many leaks.  A lot of backup of ice for the last three or four years.  Actually leaks by each of my closets from the dormers.  I tried to patch them up several times, and I think around the chimney there was a leak one time they patched too. Different ones, different people patched it up.  Never a complete job, this time I wanted to get a complete job, everything fixed up, so no leaks. I was checking the phone book and advertisements, and looking for someone who had been in business quite a while, and had good references so to speak.  My one grandson went on the internet, checked out some of the people that had business with you on your website apparently and he recommended you.  So I just went with it. I talked to Morgan I think a couple of times, very courteous and another girl I talked to one time too was very helpful.  No problems at all, they did a very good job, very courteous, very efficient.  Even my neighbors mentioned how much of a good job they were doing.  So very, very polite and very good.  They tended to business, no monkey business, they were very good and very busy.  They had a hard time too because they had to do everything with a wheel barrow because they couldn't get the dumpster all the way in (to the driveway).  They did the garage which is way back there, and tehy didn't leave any of that trash back there, which I thought "Oh Wow!"  They brought it all right up to the front and did a really good job with the cleanup.  Our garage had not been roofed for years, and my son was here looking on the inside and he said they replaced a lot of the boards.  He said look on the inside mom, they did a good job on that.  I like the new looks of it, everyone says that it ties in with the house very well.  The home looks very nice, professional job. I definitely would recommend you to others.
Barb Yost (Grand Rapids)
"The guys worked their butts off and I am proud of everyone of them and I would recommend them to anyone.  Eric was the first person I met.  He gave me the quote.  He checked the roof out and everything else.  He figured out the square footage and he told me how much it would be with stripping it down.  He didn't have to strip it, so he was able to save me money, which was important to me on the account that this is an insurance claim and the insurance only covered the front half of the house.  So I had them do the entire house and then he repaired the two holes in the back of the garage from the tornado that came through here and made a mess because I lost five trees too.  Adam is a great guy to work with there at the office.  Very cordial, polite over the phone.  If you have any questions, all I had to do was give him a jingle and he would answer the question and if he didn't know the answer, he would get the answer and call me back.  Zach and the roofing crew were great.  They were thoroughly equipped and prepared.  The cleanup was fantastic.  When they got all done, and they had everything up, they took their magnetic bar that they pick up nails with, they went over the yard after everything was done, a second time to make sure that there were no nails for me to pick up in either the wife's car, my truck or the corvette.  They even went around the neighborhood where some of the papers and such blew because it was quite windy that day and they picked up the paper out of the neighbor's yards rather than letting the neighbors worry about it.  Which most crews don't ever do.  If it's not in your yard they don't pick it up.  I've seen that happen before.  I'm thoroughly pleased, these new tab shingles are fantastic and they are guaranteed for longer than the shingled roof that was on there.  I know, I put the roof on there that was on there (before).  These guys did a fantastic job and put ridge vents in, which I did not do.  I relied on the gable vents.  I'd recommend this company to anybody.  They do what they say they are going to do and then some."
Jerry Steelman (Wyoming)
  "They did an excellent job.  The crew was good and worked hard, did a nice job.  They knew what they were doing and went right after it.  They did a good job.  (What made him want to get a new roof?)  I was in need of one.  It was 20 years since I had the roof redone.  (How does the new roof look?)  One hundred percent better because the other roof was getting pretty warn.  Like I said, I was due.  (Would you use Avalon again?)  I certainly would, they do a good job.  I might need some insulation or something like that, so I will keep them in mind when I have to have that done.  "
Lloyd Teerman (Grandville)
Beth and BJ have been battling a leaky roof for over 10 years. With drywall dripping in the ceiling, and having to use pots and pans as their arsenal against rain puddles that form in their dining room and kitchen every time it rains — a new roof was long overdue. So Avalon Building Concepts teamed up with Kentwood Christian Church to provide this family of four with a free roof. Avalon Building Concepts owner Richard Mead feels that good things come to people who wait, telling Beth and BJ, “We’ve been richly blessed by the community and we wanted to give back a little bit, so we’re here to put a roof on your house today for you.” This was a complete surprise for their family, and they were extremely grateful for the thoughtfulness of Avalon and Kentwood Christian Church in providing them with this “tremendous gift” of generosity. “Thank you, thank you. So much,” Beth expressed with a sigh of relief. BJ finished, “When people try to find someone…to put a roof on, or do any other maintenance on their home — you want someone you can trust. And this is a company you can trust.” See the full video above to watch the surprise and high quality roof transformation take place.
Beth & B.J. G. (Grand Rapids)
  "I just wanted to say how amazing your team was.  What a wonderful job they did.  Your foreman was awesome.  Everyone was very professional.  They worked so well.  There was not one complaint.  So I just wanted to say thank you.  I just wanted to let you know that because sometimes we are so quick to complain but I think it’s harder for us to call and say ‘Hey thanks!  What a great job!’  Definitely consider you as far as referrals in the future and definitely pass that on.  Thank you and have a wonderful day."
Sarah from Alto
"They did a very good job.  I, myself, was very happy with them.  I don't mind recommending Avalon to anyone that needs that service.  I like to talk and I like to ask a lot of questions.  I talked to (Severiano - the foreman for the crew that worked on his roof) and he was outside there carrying stuff around back and forth for them.  He was a very friendly kind of man.  I really did like him.  Very friendly person, and that makes a person feel good.  When you ask a question and you get a nice answer.  (The roof) turned out good.  It turned out good.  I am very happy with my roof, very happy with my roof.  (Would he recommend Avalon to others?)  Oh yea.  They did a very good job and they were pretty fast.  I didn't realize those guys were going to get the roof put on that quickly."
Rudy Hernandez (Wyoming)
"My name is Patrick Gill.  I am a Senior Minister at the Kentwood Christian Church.  I have been here 10 years and I love this church family and I love the Grand Rapids area and our church roof was needing repair.  Our shingles were blowing off in high winds, the shingles were discolored.  We had leaks.  The ceiling tiles would be stained and we decided we were going to do something about it.  We got in contact with Avalon and spoke with Larry.  Then I was able to meet with Reynauldo, the foreman for the job and it has been such a blessing in our lives.  Whenever you are having such a major job done on your church.  You want people you can trust, people that you can talk to, that will listen and they just reinforced that they are there not only for the job but to build a relationship with you as a church family.  The work is beautiful, it looks so wonderful.  We've had comment after comment.  Our facility that was reshingled was 50 years old.  The new shingles makes it look like a rebuild.  It looks fantastic.  Reynauldo, as I said earlier, was great to work with.  They were very professional, they showed up on time, they let you know when they were leaving.  They were very sensitive, if we needed it quieter at certain points.  They worked with us.  They were a fantastic crew, and we feel like Avalon was led into our lives by the Lord himself because we believe in the providence of God and the whole church is thrilled with the outcome of the shingled roof.  We love the final results of the roof and besides just loving it.  We have a Golden Pledge with a 50 year warranty.  So we don't have to worry about that roof at all.  How great is that?  Another thing that I thought was just so wonderful about Avalon was after we had signed the contract, about two weeks later, they called us and they were about to do a community service.  They wanted to offer a free roof to somebody that we thought was deserving.  We found that individual and was there for the big reveal and surprise to that family.  That family was so blessed and were treated so well.  There new roof is fantastic and they are loving it.  I thought to myself, here is a company that really isn't just about the dollar and the bottom line.  They are doing work and taking care of other people that is truly deserving.  That is a Christ-like quality and a blessing to so many.  I would just say to anybody, if you need a shingle roof for your home or if you have a church building or business.  If you want to work with somebody that is very trustworthy, that you can depend on, that you can talk to, that you can have a relationship with, that you feel like you can even call after the job is done, and the money has been paid, that they will be there.  I think Avalon is the way to go, and I really mean that from the bottom of my heart."
Patrick Gill (Kentwood)
  New gutters on West Main Street in Kalamazoo 1   These guys did some work for me last August. I needed some gutters add it to my house and also needed someone to install gutter guards. They were prompt returning my call and they set up the appointment for the next week. Andy, the gutter installer, came out - alone - and knocked the the job out so quickly I thought he was making a Jimmy John's sub! Highly recommended.
Dean M. (Kalamazoo)
Roof transformation on Fennessey 5 They were in and out in about 3 and a half or four hours. We only found one roofing nail, a couple of other nails and a sliver of wood. The roof was in really bad shape. They replaced everything from the rafters up. We had a tarp on it, now it looks real nice.
Rodney W. (Grand Rapids)
New roof on Gee Drive in Ada Avalon installed a new roof and skylight on our home. Eric Hoffman was very intelligent and answered all of our questions. He explained everything well. Zach's crew got it done in one day. They also asked us what we wanted to do about a skylight that came up to the peak. We have told others about the work. We were happy that Adam came out to check in with us. We are happy with their cleanup, they went over the yard with a magnet and we only found one nail when it was done. We also like that the work will be inspected after completion.Your review helps others learn about great local businesses.
Carol S. (Ada)
New roof on Montebello in Grand Rapids Called a bunch of other companies and never got a call back. Stopped into the Avalon show room on Division and had someone come out same day for an estimate. The crew was very polite and great to work with. They ran into lots of wood problems after tearing all the layers off. We were able to agree on an amount and only added 1 extra day of work. At the end they asked if we needed anything else, I pointed out a few minor problems that they fixed right away. I wish I would have taken more before photos because the work they did looks amazing. Especially on the flat roof section that had a bunch of weird angles and connected to a sunroom. Could not be happier!
Heather M. (Grand Rapids)
New window on South State Street in Zeeland We had a great experience with Avalon. The windows are such an improvement and the condo is much quieter since they were installed. The men who installed them were very efficient and worked through some miserable weather without complaining. We would definitely use Avalon for other services.
Candace L. (Zeeland)
New roof on Lake Michigan Drive in Grand Rapids 1 Avalon has been more than cooperative and professional. There were a few issues as they were installing the roof of which they addressed and corrected. There representatives have been more than cooperative and considerate. I feel that I got a great product for the price as I had shopped around, plus have a background in building. All things considered, I have no hesitation in making a recommendation for Avalon.
Roger D. Jones (Grand Rapids)
New roof siding and gutters on Holly Street in Grand Rapids 1 Avalon is one of the best companies that I've been associated with. A great total house facelift. Thanks so much looks great! Would recommend to everyone.
Chad K. (Grand Rapids)
New roof on Discovery Drive in Kentwood 2 "We were losing shingles over the last few years, but the straw that broke the camels back was when it started leaking in my favorite room. We reached out to a few different places and Avalon was the only one that responded. We were glad that Jeremy went on the roof and told us how old the shingles were. The three seasons room is not leaking anymore and we are glad that we found a company that we could put our money behind. We were appreciative that we had such a quick response. We had buckets and towels out just preparing for the next rain storm. The crew they had out here working on the house was fantastic. They were very courteous, personable and accommodating.
Julie D. (Kentwood)
New roof on 52nd Street in Grand Rapids 1 Avalon did a great job. I have no complaints. Jeremy was a great guy. He got me financed for my new roof and thanks god he did or else I would not have been able to afford it. The workers were great, my neighbors even told me how much they cleaned up after themselves. I have a lot of work to do on my house and will definitely think about talking to Jeremy again about a bathroom remodel once I get done with the insulation above my ceiling. But the roof looks beautiful and I know it sounds strange but I like to sit on my deck and just admire the roof. So I can't say enough about everyone at Avalon. And I used them because they are in my neighborhood. I like to use local businesses.
Kathy G. (Grand Rapids)
New window on Sprucebrook in Kalamazoo 2 Avalon moved very quickly on ordering and delivering the windows. When they arrived they were installed over just two days (15 windows) very quickly, very efficiently and with no mess. One window was misaligned and one screen was damaged but these were fixed within a couple of weeks and all 15 windows look great and are functioning perfectly. We would recommend Avalon to any one who asks for a reference.
Gil S. (Kalamazoo)
New roof and gutters on Whitfield in Grand Rapids 1 The crew was wonderful. They answered all my questions. They were really impressive. They got the job done quickly and thoroughly. I was really impressed with how well they cleaned up too. Avalon was recommended by a neighbor, we saw the work they did on their house and we thought it was good. Now a couple more neighbors are getting their roof done with Avalon.
Chris A. (Grand Rapids)
White soffit and fascia on Plymouth in Grand Rapids 2 A gentleman came to the door and asked if we needed anything. Our soffit and fascia was falling apart. Callie was great, her crew got it done in three days, because it rained in the middle there. Very polite and courteous people. We appreciate the follow up too.
Sandra B. (Grand Rapids)
New roof on Windview Street in Grand Rapids 1 The roof was over 20 years old. We replaced it before it leaked. We were glad they got it done in one day. We are already running the air conditioner less with the new ridge vents. We re-insulated the attic once and felt no difference. The ridge vents made a difference. The leader Severiano was very helpful and checked in with me and even offered to go above and beyond.
Rick & Deb R. (Grand Rapids)
New roof on Brook Trails 1 The roof was leaking and the last part was put on wrong. It was only put on six years ago and we were just trying help out a friend. So six years later, we called Avalon to get a new roof. It is not leaking anymore. The guys are hard workers. It was the hottest day of the year and they are up on a dark roof. They never stopped working.
Laurie B. (Grand Rapids)
New roof on Pinecroft in Grand RapidsAvalon did an unbelievable job with our roof. They tarped up the house and we only found a few nails so the cleanup was good. Can't believe they did it all in one day.
Greg G. (Grand Rapids)
New roof on Pifer Road 1 We were amazed and impressed. I've never seen a crew work so well together. There was no fighting or arguing. Everybody knew their job and did their job. The cleanup was excellent. They protected the flowers too. We were really impressed. You should take that crew out for breakfast. I would request that crew for any job again. I would use Avalon again.
Patricia P. (Dowling)
New roof on Lakeside Drive in East Grand Rapids 1 Real pleased with the work. The clean up was excellent. How nice to get it done in one day too! I really liked the crew that I had they were all excellent workers. They were here for 12 hours. They were very professional and thorough in what they did. They all helped one another and they were very polite. They were friendly and Juan always came to me if he had any questions about any of the work.
Valerie W. (East Grand Rapids)
New roof on Whitetail Trail in Marne 9We were extremely pleased with the knowledge, professionalism and service we received. The workers were friendly and communicative, always letting us know when they would be coming and going. We would highly recommend them!
Sheryl L. (Marne)
New windows on Spring Meadow Court in Caledonia 2 There were no glitches.  The whole process was easy, smooth and comfortable.   They took the measurements.  They showed up with the windows and they knew what they were doing.  The early part of the day was rainy, so the installers kept taking their shoes off every time they entered the house.  They picked up after themselves so there was no mess.  They did a good job.  There were no difficulties.  What was promised was delivered.  The original installers did not put the blinds back up.  So I called the office and they sent someone back out to re-install them.
Gene K. (Caledonia)
New roof on Cove Drive in Caledonia 1 Avalon put a new roof on our cottage. We noticed one day that there were shingles on the ground and we needed work done on our roof. The workers were very nice, fast and efficient. They got the job done in about two days. They were very courteous and hard workers. We didn't even have to wait around for them to do it. They came out quickly to fix it. The supervisor was available to answer all of our questions and was very helpful.
Roberta P. (Caledonia)
New roof on Rockhill Ave in Rockford   There is not a more difficult person than me to satisfy and Avalon did it. I put them under a microscope in protecting my gutter guards and landscaping, as well as cleanup, and they did a magnificent job. We have remodeled most of our house and wanted the roof to measure up to the rest - they made it happen, in spades. The people were polite, they followed up on all my concerns before hand and during the time they were here, and they were price competitive, despite everything they had to do to make me happy. I have walked the roof, inch-by-inch, and found nothing about which to complain. They actually built boxes around my hydrangeas to protect them and the fine mesh of my gutter covers did not have so much as an impression. When they left, you could not even tell they had been there except for a beautiful new roof. Kudos to Avalon.
Russ H. (Rockford)
New roof on Fairwood Court in Caledonia 1 Avalon put on our roof. The crew was very knowledgeable and they did good work. They were very friendly, available and cooperative. We would recommend Avalon to our neighbors.
Nadira M. (Caledonia)
New roof on Trinity in Caledonia 1 They did a wonderful job. The crew was very polite and extremely quick and efficient. I would recommend that crew anytime.
Corina W. (Caledonia)
6300 Kuttshill After with logo We had Avalon put a new roof on and new gutters.  We are very happy with the service and how efficient they were in getting the job done. We would highly recommend them.
Rick V. (Rockford)
New roof on Port Sheldon in Hudsonville 1   Avalon put on a new roof for us. Staff is friendly. They replace bad decking before they put new shingles on! They did an excellent job cleaning up as I could hardly find a nail! I would recommend this company to friends or family.
Jared S. (Hudsonville)
New roof on Tana Street in Greenville 1 Avalon met every expectation we had. We had a bad experience with roofing our last home and a different company. Avalon was much quicker and better. We had leaks in our home but it does not leak anymore. We may use them for other projects in the future.
Ted M. (Greenville)
New roof on Sandy Ridge Drive in Door 1 They did my roof in one day and cleaned up so you would never know they were here.
Robert W. (Dorr)
New siding on Wendover Blvd in Muskegon 1 Avalon did a fantastic job siding my house and with clean up! It looks amazing. The guys were very nice and took their time to do it right, gutters and stair rails also look amazing. Thanks for doing it right!
Kim E. (Muskegon)
Roof on Teasel Ave with Logos Very happy with the new roof!! Great service from the initial contact to the completed job!! You couldn't even tell that a crew at my house once was the job was completed. Would strongly recommend.
Martin T. (Comstock Park)
Durham Roof Transformation Jonathan was the salesman and explained everything very well. He made good on everything offered.  Carl's crew was professional and cleaned up after themselves. We have ordered windows due to the professional job.
Gerald W. (Grand Rapids)
New Bay Window on Saber in Grand Rapids   Can't believe how fast they installed it. We thought it would take all day. They replaced almost all of our windows in half a day. We have been able to keep our house about 3-5 degrees cooler with the new windows.
Heather L. (Grand Rapids)
New roof on Rockhill Drive in Jenison 1 They had to take the two layers off. They did a good job and cleaned up well. We hardly knew they were here. They were very polite when we got them some water. We were amazed at how fast they got it done. David was very knowledgabe and not pushy. We appreciated that.
Terry S. (Jenison)
New roof on Summer Drive in Hudsonville 2 The roof was 24 years old and it was the second layer so that's why we had to do the tear off. They did good, they got here first thing in the morning and by the time I got back from golfing they were almost done. They did a good job. They cleaned up good and took care of everything.
Harvey B. (Hudsonville)
New roof and gutters on Rose St in Holland 5 The roof was leaking in the bathroom. The new roof fixed that. They got everything done quickly. Our siding had bees and critters and a birds nest in it. But the new siding fixed that too.
Julian M. (Holland)
New roof on Sylvan in Grand Rapids 1 I was surprised by how quickly they got the roof done. Got it done in one day. Been happy with everything they've done.
Delora W. (Grand Rapids)
Hazelwood Roof Transformation Jeremy was awesome, got me financed within hours. The other company I tried couldn't get me financed. The crew was awesome. They were quick and I did not find a single nail afterwards. They even dealt with some extra issues underneath the shingles. The price was thousands cheaper than my first estimate. Had an issue afterwards, I called them and they came out a few days later. They got on the roof, and even said they will put a note on the computer to come back and check it in the fall.
Greg S. (Grand Rapids)
New roof and gutters on Cherokee Ave in Grandville 1 I was very pleased. They came out right away. I did call about an extension on the gutter and they came right back out to do that. I told them not to worry about damaging my bushes because I wanted to get rid of them. They actually removed them for me and hauled them away which I really appreciated. Larry was great, he didn't push me, he did not make me feel like I had to make a decision right away but he told me that if I did decide to do it they could get it done quickly and they did. I also appreciate the 50 year warranty.
Judy R. (Grandville)
New shower on Malta in Grand Rapids 1 Avalon has been very accommodating. They have worked with fixing leaks in my home and the financing. I was so incredibly impressed with the guys who fixed the original leak. They talked to me before they left about needing ridge cap vents. Kerry replaced the shower. He is a really good guy, he was very meticulous, he talked to me about any and all changes in the project. I felt comfortable leaving him at the home, and my dog liked him too. That is important.
Dawn E. (Grand Rapids)
New roof on Kettle Lake in Alto 1 Avalon put on a metal and shingle roof combination. The crews were really good. They even consulted with the metal manufacturer when putting on the metal portion after the shingle roof.
Lisa Z. (Alto)
New roof on 138th Ave in Dorr 2 Went great. Called Colten on a Tuesday, he was here Wednesday and the crew was here Friday at 7am to start the work. They were out by noon. The laundry room ceiling collapsed so that was the rush. We were glad we got it done the day before the tornado came through. Excellent company.
Sandy S. (Dorr)
New roof and gutters on Oakwood Ct in Caledonia 5 After only three years we had shingles fall off 3 times. Larry and Avalon worked with the insurance company to help them truly assess the damage that was up there. He got one of their roofing guys to show them everything. The guys that did it were very professional. They even asked if they could play a radio on the roof. Never even heard them cuss. Carl was awesome. When everyone was gone he went over the yard again with a magnet to pick up any extra nails.
Michael E. (Caledonia)
New gutters and roof on 84th Street in Caledonia 6 Carl and his crew were really good. They did everything I asked. They worked hard and stayed late to make sure everything was covered just in case it rained.
Tom N. (Caledonia)
New roof on San Jose Dr in Grand Rapids 1 Avalon put a roof of the house and the garage. It was time to get the roof done and I had problems with leaks in the past. Avalon did an awesome job. Very hard and organized workers. Everything was timed so well! I was just amazed.
Anne M. (Grand Rapids)
New roof on 12th Street in Plainwell The company put a new roof on my home. Service was fast and well done. Roof looks great. House and garage seem cooler.
Cheryl K. (Plainwell)
New roof and gutters on Marwood in Kentwood 1 I recently hired Avalon Builders to shingle our roof, replace all fascia and soffit, and install new seamless gutters with guards. I believe that the contract for all this work was extremely fair and competitive. My wife and I could not be happier with the work that was done to our home. Avalon was timely...meeting or exceeding all promises and assurances regarding when the work would be done. Also, they absolutely took care of all the little things on the job that really do matter. Finally, we were totally impressed with the way the crews cleaned their work area each day. The craftsmanship of Avalon's employees is totally apparent in the work they did on our home! In addition, the office staff was courteous, helpful and fair. Our total experience was absolutely top notch!
Vince B. (Kentwood)
New roof on Eagle Point in Lake Odessa 1 Very pleased with the work. Excellent crew working on a very steep roof using harnesses for safety was reassuring. Job was for 43 squares and complete tear-off with some wood repair on our roof job. The crew completed the job in 2 days with complete clean-up. Very positive experience.
Steve F. (Lake Odessa)
Window on Fuller Ave in Grand Rapids Avalon put in about 17 windows in our home. It took about 3 days but Eric worked through below zero weather and blizzard conditions. The windows look great.
Lois H. (Grand Rapids)
New roof on 5 mile road in Lowell The crew did a great job installing a roof for me. I called Friday because wind blew some shingles off and they came out Monday to fix it. They even pulled out a magnet to clean up everything. They did great. I may do more work with them again soon.
Robert V. (Lowell)
New siding on Fairfield Ave in Grand Rapids We hired Avalon to replace our siding and gutters. They worked pretty steadily through some strange weather. The final product looks great. We recommend them and we will be looking to do a roof with them in the future.
Dirk F. (Grand Rapids)
New roof on Coolidge in Grand Rapids 1 We had Avalon re-roof our house and the crew did an amazing job! They were very professional and cleaned up great as they did the tear-off, replaced the wood underlayment, and put in new venting. We love the new architectural shingles and won't have to replace them in our lifetime! We would gladly recommend Avalon to anyone who may need roofing, siding or other building needs.
Shelley M. (Grand Rapids)
New roof on Cheshire Drive in Grand Rapids We are blissfully happy with the work Avalon did on our roof. They came highly reccomended on Angie's List and GAF.com. We also used Avalon because they were the only company that said they would do their best to save the original gutters on our house. We have French architecture and want to preserve as much of it as possible. Carl, Duke and Mike worked on our roof and they were all just phenomenal. Carl went above and beyond what anybody would have done for any other company. He noticed a vent shaft was too old and dirty, so he went out and got a brand new pipe and it looks amazing. No issues, we would definitely recommend Avalon.
Betsy H. (Grand Rapids)
  New roof on Hidden Treasure Drive in West Olive 1   Avalon was great in providing service. The workers showed up promptly and completed the job thoroughly. They cleaned up. I loved the  guarantee that cames with the new roof installation. It is a lifetime contract that can be transferred to a new owner. The choice of the shingle and the details provided by Larry were outstanding. I appreciated the respect and thorough explanation of the project. I had several contractors out. He was by far, the best and most professional one. I wouldn't hesitate to call on Avalon for any roofing job. The cost was the reasonable and the work quality  was exceptional. This ones gets 5 stars and two thumbs up!
Sue M. (West Olive)
New roof on 4 Mile Road in Grand Rapids 1 We had a new roof installed.  The cost was a fair figure for what had to be done.  Everything that was going to be done to complete the job was explained in full detail.  All questions were answered. The workers started at 8:00am and quit around 6:00pm the first day, and they needed to come back the next day for a few hours to complete job. They cleaned everything up completely each day before they left each time they were here. I would say that Carl and his crew were the best anyone could expect. So far everything appears to be fine and it looks great.
Stanley H. (Grand Rapids)
Glenbrook Siding in Grand Rapids It went awesome.  They did real good, they were considerate.  My son used to side houses and he complimented the job Avalon did.  They put the awning back up for me and offered to put the gutter back up too but I told them I would do it myself.
Anthony D. (Grand Rapids)
New windows on Onekama Drive in Grand Rapids 2 Went well.  They were prompt.  They took care of everything and when I came home it was done in a day.  The quality of the work was good.
Robert C. (Grand Rapids)
New roof on Chateau West in Hudsonville 2 Excellent service! Workers were very professional!! Roof looks amazing! No more leaks. Got the job done in two days. Yard was cleaned up very well. Would highly recommend!!!
Cynthia V. (Hudsonville)
New roof on Wealthy Street in East Grand Rapids 2 We are more than happy.  Carl came over everyday and explained what he was going to do.  They were always on time and cleanup was great.  They were flexible with the weather.  They were all very polite.  They had it tough too.  They couldn't put the shingles on the roof so they had to carry them up themselves.  Carl was right up there on the roof working with his crew too.  We have already recommended them to others.
Art H. (East Grand Rapids)
New roof on Pear Ave in Newaygo 1 David helped me pick out a color.  We settled on the driftwood and I like the looks of it.
Sally V. (Newaygo)
New roof and gutters on Boulevard in Grand Rapids 1 I was very impressed with how quickly they put the roof on.  I was expecting it to take longer.  The gutters on there now are a lot better than what was on there before.
Dan D. (Grand Rapids)
New roof on Gold Dust in Belmont 2 Work was done well.  Roofers came at seven in the morning and left at about 3:30.  Good people.  They do their job well.
Manikyam K. (Belmont)
New roof on Janet Drive in Dorr 4   I got a few quotes and Avalon was the most affordable. I also like their product. About 8 people came by and got the roof done in about 5 hours. Two days later they got the gutters done. I'm already recommending them to the neighbors.
Calvin B. (Dorr)
New roof on Charlesgate Ave in Grand Rapids 2 Went very good. We couldn't be more pleased. The team was fabulous. They got here early and pulled everything away from the home. Put plywood over windows and tarps. They cleaned up well. They took vents off and put a ridge vent on instead. They arrived early, they were done by 2:30. They showed great teamwork. They were even careful with the bushes. They went around the home with a magnet to pick up nails. They even got along with the dog.
Victoria V. (Grand Rapids)
New roof on Edgerton in Rockford 1 Team was professional, timely and took pride in the work that they did. Installation was high quality and they had a good assortment of quality materials and also offered 12 months same as cash financing.
Terry W. (Rockford)
New roof and gutters on Cheshire Drive 1 Team was professional, timely and took pride in the work that they did. Installation was high quality and they had a good assortment of quality materials and also offered 12 months same as cash financing.
David K. (Grand Rapids)
New roof and windows on Paris Ave in Grand Rapids 1 The lady who worked in financing, Jessy, was great.  She was really nice and always called me back.  Colten was a great guy.  The roofing crew was hilarious.  They worked their butts off.  We really liked them.
Rachel L. (Grand Rapids)
New roof on Otillia St in Grand Rapids 2 Workers were polite. They worked hard and did a good job. They knew what they were doing. You can be proud of your workers. They showed up early and the cleanup was amazing. We were real impressed.  We were glad that we went with Avalon.
Mike G. (Grand Rapids)
New roof on Springdale in Grand Rapids 3 I was surprised that it went off without a hitch.  I can't believe how efficient they were.  They didn't cut any corners.  I thought it would take a day and a half and they whooped it in a day.
Bruce S. (Grand Rapids)
Roof Transformation on East De Ave Richland The roof leaked before.  Adam put other things on hold to get it done quickly.  We are glad we got it done before these latest storms.  Really liked that they got it done in a day.  They had 8 or 9 people out here.
Eric T. (Richland)
New roof on Lee Street in Hudsonville 2 Everything went well. The roof was at least 25 years old. It was time to replace it. The crew was great.
Darlene P. (Husonville)
New roof on Shorewod Drive in Norton Shores 1 I talked to Jonathan about what I wanted. He was nice, Severiano's crew was nice too. They worked hard. I wanted the step flashing and they did it for me. I like that they did the 6 feet of ice and water shield. I'm also glad that I don't have to worry about it again.
Lou S. (Norton Shores)
New Gutter Covers on Horseshoe Court in Grand Rapids 1 The guys were very nice and they got it done quicker than we expected.  It has held up pretty well over the last few rainstorms.
Darlene S. (Grand Rapids)
New roof gutters soffit and fascia on Marwood Drive in Kentwood 4 Shingles were falling off so it was time to get a new roof. They did the tear off and the whole nine yards, they even fixed some issues up there and cut down a couple of tree branches for me.
Robert B. (Kentwood)
New roof on Woodbridge Road in Brohman 1 It's rained hard a few times since we put on the new roof and we can't even hear it anymore.
Loren B. (Brohman)
New roof on 36th Street in Wyoming 1 The previous owners did a poor job with the valleys. So the valleys would leak from time to time. The Avalon guys did a pretty good job, they did a good job of cleaning up too. It was good service. They came in and did everything they said they would do, when they said they would do it.
John S. (Wyoming)
New roof on 100th Street in Caledonia 1 Went with Avalon for the financing options. They offered lower interest rates. The crew did a good job and cleaned up nicely.
Faith V. (Caledonia)
New roof on Pheasant Ave in Walker 2 They did real good. They cleaned up well. The roof was getting old and had some mold on it. Lost about 6 shingles in the spring. The crew was really nice guys. I would recommend them to anybody. They were very courteous and polite. Carl explained everything he was doing in great detail.
Rich V. (Walker)
New roof on Marshall in Grand Rapids 6 It was great. It went really quick. I had leaking in the kitchen, bathroom, and basement. Not leaking anywhere anymore. I tried calling a few places, Avalon was the only one to get back with me and was willing to do a repair only if needed.
Ann T. (Grand Rapids)
New roof on Quail Run in Grand Rapids 1 Had a leak throughout the house and it has rained since we've gotten it fixed. We have not seen any new leaks. Eric did a very good presentation and the crew did not screw around. They got it done in a day and cleaned up good. I would recommend Avalon to anybody.
John & Shirley D. (Grand Rapids)
New roof on Iroquois Trail in Kalamazoo 3 Severiano's crew was wonderful. They had to work in like 98 degree heat, got it done in one day. I was very impressed. Real happy Chris too. Everything they said they were going to do, they did without question.
Kathy T. (Kalamazoo)
New roof and gutters on Whitfield in Grand Rapids 2 Fantastic! From start to finish the experience, service, and roof were just as we were promised and expected. I highly recommend this company.
Sean S. (Grand Rapids)
New roof and gutters on Florence in Grand Rapids 1 Everything went fine. They came in and out with no problem. We have reccommended them to others. Larry was a great guy too and helped us out on a lot of things.
Michelle W. (Grand Rapids)
New roof on Lauderdale in Grand Rapids 4 It's not leaking anymore. The crew was good, they filled in the skylight and even fixed a piece of siding for me. I really liked the 50 year Warranty, they cleaned up well and the start date date was sooner than I anticipated.
Amanda S. (Grand Rapids)
New roof on Slocum Road in Ravenna 1 I really appreciated all of the calls to keep me in the loop. I appreciated that you guys came out, even the follow up calls. I needed to get the roof done but I couldn't afford to do it all at once so the financing worked great. It was an answer to my prayers. Thank you everyone.
Cecilia O. (Ravenna)